Marine wood.

Two kinds of interaction of wood and the sea: one alive (the Photukawa) and the other well made artifice (the Maraetai wharf).

Fuji X Pro one, Darktable.

Macro at Omana

I was playing with a 60 mm macro lens on a Fuji Xpro at Omana beach. Photos have been processed a bit in Darktable.


This is the first of a series of trip photos that I am processing fast from raw while away from home. I’m sitting in an airport lounce, and these are from the weekend just gone.

Fujifilm Xpro with normal (35 mm) lens, processed to jpeg in shotwell.

South Auckland rural, summer, Ektar.

I took a Mamiya TLR with me over summer (until it jammed) It was dry, and the film is somewhat saturated: but late December 2014 was golden.

Ektar, processed and scanned by Reatha at Film Soup. Minimal processing in Rawtherapee to 16 bit .pngs: be aware that even shrunk these files are over 7 MB if downloaded.

Bees and wild Fennel, Coromandel.

We are on holiday, with both film cameras (the beast, a Mamiya TLR) and the Ricoh GXR. These photos were taken on the way to the coromandel. Yes, these are beehives, and yes, that is wild fennel.

Ricoh GXR with 50 mm macro lens, processed in darktable.

Winter Solstice, Auckland.

I was in Auckland over the weekend with a medium format camera and the Ricoh GXR, tuned for Landscapes.  The very slow exposures were done with a Fuji GW690 on a tripod, but I did take some backup shots digitally during the golden hour during the winter solstice.


Ricoh GXR, Processed in  Lightroom

Two cities, two lenses, Industrial and light.

Two of these photos were taken one morning as the sun was peeking over the hills above Dunedin. The others were taken from a hotel balcony, with a failing battery, at dawn yesterday. All using a Nikon V1.

I also took basically the same shot using instagram in Auckland, but the quality is much lower.

Duder’s beach, analog, East Auckland.

Screenshot - 150214 - 10:00:49

To help those who do not know, Duder’s Beach is one of those few places in East Auckland that is fairly deserted even in summer.

Photos were developed by Film Soup. The files you are seeing are extracted from a contact sheet scan. Voightlander Bessa, Ukrainian lens (from the Arsenal, Keiv)


Yes, these are 35 mm. I’m attaching the scanned contact sheet.112-27-3