Portable workflow and raw joys.

Robyn and I have come to an agreement. Micro four thirds cameras are good for travelling, and as a result we are trialling my Olympus Om-10 as if we are on a long trip, trying to take photos and convert as we go.

As part of this I have been looking at various other open source photographers. Riley Brant recommends geeqie and rapid photodownloader , caldev then darktable. By way of contrast, Dmitri Popov uses Digikam, a series of shell scripts, and recommends EyeEm over instagram… in part because you can get paid, and you can use a desktop.

The problem is that olympus raw files are tricky beasts. The question is how to deal with them.

Get a card reader. Even if you have a card reader in your computer. They break: in my travel/main laptop the reader is flakey. Besides, you can then use as fast a card as your machines can take, and that matters.

First tool in the group should be  Shotwell and since I tend to run gnome/cinnamon based systems, this works for me.  It gets photos reliably off the card, and into directories that make sense.

Second tool has to be displayCAL. You will need some form of colorimeter. I suggest you get a colorhug2, if you are going to have a linux flow.

Third took is geeqie. This is an update of an old program I used for years, gqview. You need this for screening photos and viewing them.

My fourth tool is darktable. This does deal with orf (olympus raw) files, and it does the correction I need. My style is fairly raw: if I was going to process photos to smoothness I would move all files to .tiff and then use gimp.

The final tool is a good scanner and vuescan. I would recommend you use this on any OS: the only equivelant OS/Windows program is silverview. That gets your film digitized and able to be processed from .tiff.