Seals, beach, fog.

In autumn the seals spend a fair amount of time on the Peninsula Beach.

Nikon D800, Darktable

After the storms.

These are the photos taken over the last two or three days after Cyclone Cook bypassed Dunedin.

And here are a couple from walks, when I did not have a camera. The cellphone camera is set up to do HDR, via google.

Nikon D800, Motorola X.

Yes, there has been a hiatus.


Over the last month or so we have been overly busy getting a studio ready for Robyn, who will rebrand herself as Robyn Gale Photographer some time in the future.

In the process, I managed to brick two cellphones. Useful things, until they go away. Then… you miss essential communications until it is too late. As Bruce is quite ill, this is not going to happen. The phone is now a Motorola X…. and this is Bruce.


And here are the other inhabitants of Casa Weka.


Motorola X, processed in Google photos.