PMK and walk.

I took some Agfa Retro 400 film to Lake Hawea last week. When I got back, I pulled out my PMK Pyro from Photographer’s Formulary and TP-4 Archival Fix.

A quick word on technique. Firstly, get distilled water. The simplest place for this is the bottled water section of the supermarket. Get the biggest bottle you can afford. Once you have loaded the film onto the reels and it is safely in the daylight tank, fill the tank with distilled water, tap, invert and leave while you get the PMK together. Then pour it out, insert the PMK, and invert.

I developed this film for 12 minutes, inverting for the first minuet and 10 -15 seconds every second minute.

Then remove PMK, rinse with distilled water, and add Tp-4. I gave that three minutes, then rinse again, then hung the film to dry.


Anyway, the pictures.

Post processed in Darktable, primarily by shrinking files.

Getting the scanner going again.

I have had some developed film waiting from a trip a few months ago, but have been upgrading hardware and then reinstalling software. Today I got vuescan working, driven by the need to develop some more film.

This film was developed using New55 Monobath R5: a stand development. Scanned with Epson V800 using Vuescan with multiple exposures: I’m using the jpegs. The .tiff files at 4800 dpi are 60 MB plus in size.

More to come.

Mamiya 7 and Fuji 690, post processing in Darktable.

Administration and cellphone panaroma.

The themes I have become broken, so I am moving from a generic theme to something that is much more graphic. And something free.


The other site has been adjusted to a text centric theme. The logos are quite different, but have the same monochromatic approach.

And, just so there is something beautiful here, this is the last panorama from the Lake Hawea trip cellphone camera.


Comments, again, on how this looks will be appreciated.

Rainbow. blossoms, Lake.

Normal lens, during a walk (with rain showers) around Lake Hawea.

Nikon d800, darktable, and yes, I have taken multiple photos of one of those caravans….