Beacon Point Road

It all started when I pulled out my neutral density cokin filters and found that the screws that hold the frame together had come undone. After a trip to the hardware store in Wanaka, we had the thing assembled with new M3 brass bolts, and then attached a voightlander20 mm color skopar lens to a D800. It was bright. Noon. So I added an 4 stop neutral density filter plus two more stops of graduated filter, put in on my shoulder, and went for a half hour walk on the beacon point road side of Lake Wanaka.

Lake Wanaka is quite low at present, and we were walking below the normal beach level.

I should add that those photos as 4000 pixels wide… and large, if you download them.

Processed in Darktable.


Dunedin, Spring: there are corners where the blossoms are

Fuji X Pro one, generally wide open. Not many keepers as anything not in focus in front blurred.

On my birthday.

I turned 56 yesterday, and after church we planned a walk. We did not expect that the temperature would drop from the teens to below freezing if the windhcill was taken into account. I can fit a nikon one under the jacket, and was able to take a few shots, while the pro photographer ran back to the car before she became hypothermic.

Nikon One V3 with 18 mm 1.8 lens, processed darktable.

Ocean Beach.

The Pro Photog pulled out her cellphone here. She noted that the sand was dead flat, and needed it as a file she could use for a photoshop project. Cellphone cameras are now good enough to be useful in such a manner: if the micro 4/3 camera has replaced (in effect) the video camera (and it has, particularly the Panasonic GH8, which handles 4K video for about $1200 US or less), then the simple point and shoots are indeed killed by the cellphone and instagram.

But when it comes to landscape, it gets a lot harder. I shot a lot of this at 18 mm on the fuji, at which point it vignettes (it is a zoom) but by cropping it worked out well: the other pictures were taken with an 35 mm prime.

Fuji X Pro 1 with 18 – 55 mm zoom and 35 mm prime: processed in Darktable.

Inner harbour

These photos were taken by the ricoh GXR that lives in my work bag a couple of weeks ago when I had ten minutes on a very windy day to get to the very end of Dunedin Harbour

Processed in Apple photos.