McAndrew Bay, Mamiya

This is more from the same film of sheds around McAndrew Bay, complete with a bit of street photography around sheds.

Mamiya 7, 60 mm lens, New 55 monobath, V800 scanner.

The Mamiya Seven… sheds on the harbour.

Mamiya 7, 60 mm lens.

I’m archiving these files; the .tiff at 32 bits (yes I can get that) is 152 MB in size. Not bad from my Epson scanner. These are 16 bit pngs.

2016-07-24-0002Tri-X 100, one shot processing, scanned at 3200 dpi.

One of the useful things for the Mamiya (apart from the lenses, which, as you can see, are sharp) is that it is modern eough to be semi automated. The day was very harsh: I had the d800 in the camera bag with me and I really needed to have bought some neutral density filters for it. But the mamiya managened these.


I am now archiving these photos to a disk and to the cloud.

Night shooting, harbour.

This one is the pro photgrapher noting the harbour was still. So we went out. She had the a tripod in her car, and I did not throw an extra one in. So these shots were taken by holding the camera on something to give stability.

Micro four thirds, 19 mm Sigma ART lens at 2.8, about 2 sec exposure. Processed in Darktable.

Night shooting, monochrome, micro4/3

These are not necessarily the best photos technically, as they all have very slow shutter speeds and thus the people are quite blurred. But I like them.

Olympus OM-10, Darktable.

And if the Pro Photgrapher had not shown her personality while leaving a blurred photo, it would not have been posted.

News and more stuff.

Over the weekend I did manage to get out and shoot a bit. I have just developed some TriX and Neopan using New 55 monobath and will need to scan them in over the next few days. One of the interesting things is that I was using a 60mm Mamiya 7 lens and my d800: I hope to post both the scans and the processed photos later this week. Some previews for this, from the shots I used for instagram.

But in the meantime, We have the Digital Rev team looking at the new Hasselblad camera, which

The interesting thing here is that you cannot get jpeg over 12 MP out of a 50 MP sensor. You need to have Hasselblad’s Pfocus — which is Mac or PC only, or the Abobe (or Apple) camera software working to use this camera. This would mean moving to a Mac, since I hate windows: Mac has a tolerable software stack and good hardware.

I can source a Mamiya 7 body (I like Mamiyas, but they break in ways that are hard to repair for under a thousand and each lens costs about as much, and I can use a seven hundred dollar scanner plus a generic PC — which brings my most expensive medium format kit at under the cost of the Hasselblad body: for one lens I could buy another Bronica camera set up or two folders, with CLA or a M6 and a couple of lenses.

What the Hasselblad is competing with is the top of range digital bodies. It is a wonderful bit of kit, but it is probably easier and cheaper to grab a dark bag and some monobath and still continue to use 120 or a full frame sensor — and you can get one of those at a much lower price.

Winter Sunset.

I had about 40 minutes last night at sunset, so I headed first into the hills and then at home. In doing so, I caught the winter sunset, two ways

Olympus Om-10, Sigma 2.8 60 mm lens