Orchids, Butterflies.

The weather has turned horribly wintry over the last few days, and so yesterday we went to the butterfly house in the museum. Primarily because it is thirty degrees, and also because two very photogenic things are always there.

I took a micro 4/3 with a lumix 4.0 — 5.6 80 — 200 zoom into the enclosure. Once the lens defogged I got some good shots… however I needed more light. A fair number of shots, even wide open, were blurred (and this is with shake on) because with aperture priority they were two second shots. And the deliberately slowed shot I have here was only done because there was a rail I could hold the camera against.

Memo to self: need at least 2.8 for this kind of work.

Olympus OM-10, Lumix (Panasonic) Zoom, processed in Darktable.


On this day I took the ferry over to Kowloon. Which is quite glitzy.

Fuji XPro 1, normal (35 mm) lens, processed darktable

Street Hong Kong.

I switched to a normal lens and went out in the afternoon around the hotel area.

Fuji Xpro one 35 mm lens processed darktable.

Midlevels, Hong Kong

These photos were taken on the way back from church, in the midlevels. Hong Kong has some pretty parts, but most of the interesting things occur on the street.

Fuji X pro one with 18 –55 zoom. Processing in Darktable.

Hong Kong waterfront

Day two traveling. Processing rapidly, And yes, I do find alleyways.

But I did get trapped by the tourist areas.

Fuji X Pro 1, Processed Darktable


This is the first of a series of trip photos that I am processing fast from raw while away from home. I’m sitting in an airport lounce, and these are from the weekend just gone.

Fujifilm Xpro with normal (35 mm) lens, processed to jpeg in shotwell.