One walk, one lens, one camera. As I set up for wildlife I have had to use Hugin to stitch scenery out of a panorama. All photos processed in Darktable and cropped to a golden cut.

Olympus M-10, Panasonic 45 – 200 zoom.

finally, the panorama: for the sake of size it is a JPEG: given that Hugin does not recognize raw files, this does make sense.

Projection: Rectilinear (0) FOV: 28 x 83 Ev: 11.02
Projection: Rectilinear (0)
FOV: 28 x 83
Ev: 11.02

Snowball in the dark.

People say the Xpro one is not good at autofocus and low light. But… one of my contacts is chipped, leaving me unable to focus manually. Our black cat decided to visit a room where my son and I were.

This is done using autofocus, at F 1.4, 35 mm lens. It is cropped. And it was autofocus. The eye is in focus… not much else.

But this is snowball the cat at ISO 6400 with a now old camera.


So folks, don’t be scared to buy the old models or keep on using them. Processed in darktable to 16 bit png.

Birds at Warrington.

I’m using an odd kit when trying to shoot wildlife. Most of my cameras are set up for landscapes or portraits. And yes, I can do those with the V3. But most of the time I have this kit set up: I use old lenses. This gives me 600m useful reach, which is beyond the distance I can hold a lens steady for.


Why the V3. Two words.

Fast Focus.

And even then, I did not get all the shots. Warrington, mudflats, Oystercatchers, gulls, feeding and in flight. And humans. And a scenery shot.

Processed in Shotwell: shotwell handles V3 files better than darktable, but I can do a lot less optimization.


One lens (short telephoto). And one lens on a medium format camera: this will be revisited with analog when I can work out how to import C 41 chemicals.

The end of daylight saving.

I am processing a fair amount of photos taken on the larger camera today. Using darktable: all files are PNG 16 bits and 1500×1500, post cropping. If you want bigger files (the NEF are huge) then email me.


I went to a family gathering today on the Dunedin Penisula. Most of the shots were portraits: here are two that are not: one taken with a normal lens on the Fuji XPro, and one with a zoom lens.