Photo assistant day 2.

Some shots that I managed to take not of the participants, but of where we were.

Fuji Xpro1, processed darktable, 16 bit .png. As usual, the full files are 1500 pixels max and fairly big.

Photos while being an assistant part 1.

I was helping the pro photographer — to my shock. She had booked a session with my Mum and I was going to disappear. But… she wanted me around.

However the light was very good. And I got some shots of the Dunedin Botanic Garden.

Fuji Pro X-1, processed from Raw in Darktable. 16 bit .png.

Paku, Tairua.

Paku is a hill at Tairua, in the coromandel. As you can see it is fairly high and spectacular.

Olympus M10, processed in darktable to 16 bit .png, 1500 by 1500. Contact me for bigger files: these are big enough.


And one photo of Mt Tongariro.

Again, micro 4/3. The day was stormy until I was south of the lake. It was high summer, and the clouds were coming oft the mountain.




I spent most of February on the road. With a series of Cameras: the primary one throughout was an Olympus M10. Not the mark 2. The original one, that no one particularly wants. The other things I took with me were a medium format camera (I hardly used) and my Nikon bag.

But this is the first of the photo sets from micro 4/3. All taken around Kaikoura. Processed Darktable from Raw.

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