Up to the lodge: Feb travel photos.

I am starting to process these while I remain on holiday and am cutting the file sizes down to save on bandwidth. These are from Mt Aspiring National Park.

Olympus E-m10. Processed Darktable.

Campsite, Albertown

Albertown is behind Wanaka. There is a campsite, with a nest of falcons (which were not there when we found the site). But there was other wildlife, and campers, and spectacular scenery. It is amazing how good old goldfield tailings look when left alone for 100 years.

A surf Carnival, St Clair.

These, technically, are not good photos. I took them with my cellphone: I was walking with the pro photog, after church, along St Clair beach and there was an age-group surf tournament going on.

January Stats.

I post this at the other blog, so I guess I should here as well.


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