Late December, Dunedin

I have the Ricoh GXR in the same bag as my medium format camera… and this documents what I will develop and show later in analogue form. All photos processed in Darktable from raw.

Bloody computers and workflow.

Computers. Can’t live with them: can’t live without them. The pro photographer was looking with me at refurbished macs and that is probably the simplest way to go and will be the next thing after the scanner to get working.

In the meantime, I’m using linux, and making notes as I go.

Scanners — well having bricked the first one by getting a cheapie from the USA and finding it cannot eat NZ power even through a transformer — now work fairly well in fedora based machines.

And I find the epson software works fairly well. Vuescan, however, is better: in particular it will take multiple exposures and combine them. What it does it takes three scans and then combines them. Consider for a second this… which is from the standard epson software.

For the purposes of this comparison, the photos have been translated into 1200 bit jpegs by shotwell, unenhanced.



Screenshot from 2015-12-13 23-38-53
I end up using Shotwell a lot more than I ought. I use it to archive both my digital and electronic workflow, then I post process in Darktable or Rawtherapee. I have access to Silverfast and Lightroom on a mac: but most of the time I’m not using a mac for anything secure or difficult: there is too much cruft and instability in the current iterations of the macOS.

The main selling point of the mac is the display. And that will be less of an issue as the next generation of monitors come on board.


This is putting the scanner into multiple mode, and then saving in shotwell at maximum qualtiy as a jpg but shrunken. The file sizes are around 100 MB for the .tiff file that I am starting with.


Sometimes the phone you have is a Sony.

I have a Sony Xperia Cellphone. It is an OK camera: these are from yesterday.

It is worth noting that although it is December, it was as cold and foggy as the photos indicate.

Sony Xperia Z5 cellphone, processing in Google photos.

November, Port Chalmers.

This is from a Sunday walk a fortnight ago. I have almost caught up with electronic processing. Olympus OM-10, processed in Darktable

Blueskin bay, 50 mm Nikon F1.4

There was a market day at Blueskin Bay. I took the D800. It is at present a pain to shoot as the computer seems to put a huge delay into the shutter activation. It is early summer here, and the place is an unusual hue: green — summers are usually dry, but this one has been very wet.


The delay is because I managed to get the focus software to both be area and point and thus conflicting. resolving that worked: Test shot in the backyard, monochrome via Darktable


Monthly numbers.

I do this post on the other active blog, so I guess I should do it here/ If people get some joy from the photos, then all is good.

Monthly Stats Report: 1 Nov – 30 Nov 2015
Project: Shattered Light


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