Two Sunday walks.

Micro four third cameras can work for scenery in good light. In poor light, less so. It is not as much the megapixels as the pixel behind the lens. And I ensured that these are mine, as the PP took some of me.

Because I was also shooting film.


Olympus OM-10, ART 19 mm lens, processed in Rawtherapee.

Scanning, scenery, Bronica.

Further experimentation with developing using Photographer’s Formulary PMK with TP-4 as a fixer. Shooting using a Bronica 6×6 SLR with a 65 mm lens — about 35 mm equivelant — on a very bright day with high constrast values.

A couple of lower quality photos here are on Facebook: these are downsized to 2000×2000.

Zenza Bronica SqA, 65 mm lens
Developed in PMK @ 20 celsius for 14 minutes, TP-4 fixer. Scanned at 3600 dpi, using Epson iscan. Downsampled in Darktable.