Dunedin Spring Sundays

These photos are taken using a Voightlander color skopar manual lens on a Nikon D800, clamped onto a tripod. From two shooting sessions in one week: one at an inlet near Waldronville, and the other in the Dunedin Town Belt above the observatory.

Cropped and minimal processing from raw in Darktable

Harrington Point, Bronica.

These scans were the surprise of the film. Some shots did not have enough contrast, and these were generally underexposed… but there is something about them I like.

Ultrafine 400 film, Pyro PMK developer, scanned and cross coded with Shotwell.

Palmeston and a Bronica.

Ultrafine 400 film, PMK Pyro developer (with some errors) and cut down with shotwell. The railway yard at Palmeston, Otago.

Seal, Doctor’s Point.

These were taken with an Olympus OM-10 with a normal Sigma lens. No cropping, mild corrections in darktable.

Yes, I got close to a seal. Yes, it was wild. Yes, I dropped my jandals, and almost lost them. Yes, I got the shot.

St Clair.

This is from yesterday. The pier at St Clair was there for 100 years, though over the last few years there have just been piles. After this winter’s storms, the area has collapsed.

Nikon v3 with 18 mm F1.8 lens, generally wide open, processed in Rawtherapee.


Shrunk files from full size to make them easier to load. Email if you want the full jpegs… and can handle 12 MB attachments.

The joys of scanning.

Well, I managed to get the scanner working. Main problem is not the software — I am using Epson’s iscan which works perfectly well on fedora based linuxes — but finding the second unlock on the scanner so it would work.

The film is chinese iso 400 cheap stuff, I used the Bronica to shoot with, and PMK as described. The shots were basically then downsized in shotwell.

I have blown some shots out completely, so the first lesson is to carry a real lightmeter on every trip and not rely on the phone app…