Two walks

I did not take all these photos: a couple were taken by the pro photographer.

Olympus OM-10, Sigma 19 mm lens, processed darktable.

Mt Cargill, spring 2015

I have a week off, and I’m shooting a bit more digital at present: the pile of film awaiting development is increasing considerably.

These photos were taken with a Voightlander colour skopar f 4.0 20 mm lens, on the top of Mt Cargill.

Nikon d800, processed in Darktable, exported as 16 bit png, and cut down considerably.

Christchurch, 2015 [Nikon one]

I was in Christchurch for the weekend. Managed to get to the transitional cathedral and around the city centre.

Jpegs, processed from Nikon v3 files by rawtherapee, and not downsized.

First go with PMK Pyro and TP-4

At present I am working on my analog skills… including rediscovering developing film. I generally use 120 film for this… as I find it easier to handle and get into a tank, using Patterson reels.

For this I used Photographer’s Formulary PMK Pyro, and their general fixer TP-4

I was using Chinese film (cheap. lots of it) and as it was snowing outside started by mixing the pyro (5 ml A plus 10 ML b plus 500 ml water) and TP-4 (one to four dulution) — there is a manual for this — and warmed them while soaking the film for a few minutes.


Then I developed for 14 minutes, agitating every minute, stopped using plain water, then one minute of TP-4 to fix… then two minutes of the used film developer, then rinsed for thity minutes under running water.


While that was going on I stripped off the gloves I had been wearing and had a shower… which meant the shower area was fairly dust free. I hung the film in there to dry.


I’, going to scan this film but that is another learning curve. Let’s say that there is an android phone app which takes photos of your scans and then scans that… and it’s fairly useless. This is the best I can get using that…


But getting the scanner working is another job and post. Finally, wash everything, ensure there is no residue, and leaveIMG_20150905_144315120_HDR them to dry.

Winter in Spring.

September 1 is the official start of spring, but it is bitterly cold.

Photos taken Nikon 1 with a DX zoom on it and processed in affinity.