Tunnel Beach.

It was a windy but fine late winter Saturday, and we went to Tunnel Beach: which is literally reached by walking down a long track (dropping a fair distance, then down a tunnel to the beach. It was a popular place to visit today.

So a bit of scenery, and a bit of street shooting on a track.

Olympus OM-10, various lenses.


Reprocessed as smaller JPEG files to promote loading, and changed the featured image to a 100% crop, rather than a full image.

Upcoming and present changes.

For those of you who do not use WordPress, the backend has just been upgraded, together with the default themes… and they broke the other site. I have moved both sites to Ignite Plus, which (ahem) I can modify.

However, there are going to be a few changes over the next few weeks. These are driven by me starting to learn large format photography, as the Intrepid Camera Company is now making rugged and affordable cameras.

So what will happen?

  • The about me and contact pages will be rewritten. A lot
  • I will add some pages, which are primarily notes for me: much of it will be links, hopefully kept current
  • My workflow will change. I’m probably going to have to scan my own film & develop black and white: there may be more about technique and mistakes
  • The photos I show will be selected a bit more, cut down to 1500 pixels (so they load fast) and curated more. Almost every post will have a featured image.

  • If this continues, I may even change the title of this place to something about managing my gear acquisition syndrome.

Using DX lenses to push a Nikon V3.

Three photos, with deceiving data in the EXIF file. Consider for a second the black and white photo. It is of the power line outside my house, and the data says it was taken at 200 mm. Well, sort of true: but the lens is a DX lens being used on a V3 (CX) which is a third the size. so that is functionally at least 600 mm. In the same way, the connector to the V3 means that one loses a stop.

This is a completely different setup to the native zoom that stops at 100mm — and it is a far cheaper birding solution than the dedicated CX lens, which %1500 -2000 landed in NZ. (Did I add that one could look for recent DX lenses on ebay to get a functional 900 reach).

Nikon V3, using 70 – 200 f4.5 -5.6 VR DX lens. Processed in Rawtherapee.

Ocean and Lake: August winter

These were taken at Karitane, Smails Beach, and in the Kilmogs over the weekend using a Olympus OM-10 and generally a Panasonic 35 mm equivelant lens — the exception is the shots at the lake which were taken using a 80 mm equivelant sigma art lens wide open.

All files are 16 bit .png at 1500×1000, and are large. Processed in Darktable.