Otago in late winter: FX and cellphone

These were taken with a D800 using a 75 f2 Nikkor over last week and processed last wednesday into fairly large 16 bit .png files using darktable.

This weekend, however, I used a cellphone, and three photos were autoprocessed by Google and the results are here.

Tairoa Heads, Winter.

We were pushing the cameras about as far as you can go without using a tripod — in a place where you cannot use tripods!

At this time the Albatross chicks are grown to adult size but have not developed their wing feathers or the musculature that allows them to fly.

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16 bit png files, processed Darktable.

St Clair, June Storm, Surfers.

This is from the June Analog files: Leica M6, 35 mm Voightlander. The files are foll size (and yes, there are surfers in most of these photos).

Let’s just say that the surfers were wearing their winter wetsuits.

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Winter Horses

Leica M6, 35 mm Lens, and the second snowfall of winter.

Photos transcribed from .tiff scans (done at Film Soup) in Shotwell, and are full size jpegs.

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Pushing Image Stabilization beyond its limits [Paddington Station]

It was 35 celsius. There was no air conditioning. I got the camera out, did some street shooting, and then got bored and started doing hand held long exposures. With an OM-10.

To be fair to the camera, I was pushing it beyond design limitations and should have pulled out a tripod.

Processed in Lightroom.

Oxford, non analog.

I was in Oxford for a Network Meta analysis meeting. There are a few rolls of medium format to be developed.

OM-10, using primarily a 75 mm Zuiko lens. Processed in Lightroom.