Dune Damage, St Kilda

This is more documentary than anything else. These dunes are about half the size they were, and the sea is eroding them further. The suburb behind them is below sea level.

And there is a debate on what to be done. The Pro Photographer and I agree on one thing: a number of suburbs neither of us will buy in or live in after seeing the damage one storm did.

The two ends on NZ.

Both these photos are urban. Both these photos are analog, shot with the same camera.
bur one is an airpot and Auckland: the other is an aviary and Dunedin.

Both ar cross coded to PNG, but are very large files. Processes by Reatha at Film Soup.

Gondola repair central (analog)

On the first day in Venice I got lost. Completely. I ended up across a canal from where gondolas are made and repaired.

Voightlander Bessa R, 28 mm LTM Voightlander f 1.8, Processed by Film Soup and downsized in Shotwell.

More analog, Venice.

I’m playing a bit with posting. This is using the WordPress.com interface rather than the self hosted system. I have got back from Reatha all the black and white and C-41 film she developed. Most of the time in Venice I was street shooting, or trying to find quiet areas. Reatha has just got a Rakon Kodak scanner, which is optimised for monochrome and c-41 chemistry (which is what I was using… primarily Ektar and Tri=X).

The following shots were taken in the early morning, when it was both cold and wet. Most people were safely in their warm beds. One can thank Jetlag for the opportunities to get emptiness within a city.

Bessa R, 38 mm lens, processed by Film Soup.

It rained in Venice (analog)

Venice is as much about the people as the architecture.

205_1_15_ 1 (2)

Bessa R, Voightlander 28 mm f1.4 lens, Ektar, processed and scanned by Reatha at Film Soup. Reatha deserves credit, because she spent a considerable amount of time in the scanning room getting this one right.

A cellphone meets steampunk.

I was in Oamaru this afternoon and we attended the steampunk “museum”. At this point the OM-10 I had bought had died and you really don’t want to take a Bronica and Tripod won’t work.

So I was using my HTC cellphone. Photos processed (from Jpeg) in google photo.

Sometime the best camera is the one you use for instagram.