Storm coming, second beach

These were taken at second beach, after church, using the Nikon D800. There was a brisk southerly with the promise of snow… which has now arrived.

Nikon d800, processed from Raw with Darktable. Full files are 16 bit .pngs: if you want a bigger file comment or email me.

A winter’s weekend, and gratutious cat photos.

I have been a bit slow posting, and there are reasons for this. A fair amount of the time I am shooting analogue, and medium format: I have another collection of film to send off to Reatha @ Film Soup.


Three of these films were taken at Moeraki. I did have a electronic camera with me, but that was left in the car and a Mamiya Rangefinder was used… together with a tripod. The Pro Photographer has a bunch of photos on one of her cards which show me and the tripod with wet feet… and at times we were both sinking into the sand.


Today I walked to Lawyer’s Head: a road that is shut off most of the time and thus an excellent walk. A couple of shots from there, on a very stormy day, using a Nikkor 50 mm f1.4 on the FX Nikon. And one of a cat who monitored me in the process.

Notes on scan processing

I was writing a post about beauty that went going up on the other blog today.

In doing this I prepared the following photos. Two are ektar, three are fuji slide film. All were developed and then scanned by Reatha at Film Soup. Some are medium format: some are not: (hint: the photo of the trees was taken with a Leica M8)

Why I am crossposting the photos and linking to the essay at the other site is to discuss how I post processed the photos. I used Lightzone. Reatha is a very skilled processor, and generally gets the exposure fairly correct. Some photos have some mid range sharpening, and emphasis of the green tones. Lightzone is good at the final end of processing: if your pictures are completely wrongly exposed or there are technical errors it does not do the rescue processing that Darktable can do, let alone what photoshop or gimp can do.

But if you are trying to cut a photo down to web viewable, or putting on tints for electronic printing, it is a superb tool. Note that it is available for all platforms, and it is open source, so it is at present a tad more stable than the offerings of Apple or Adobe, which tend to morph into something different without warning.

MacAndrew Bay wharf.

I took about three shots with the OM-10 before switching to medium format, while the light became quite interesting at MacAndrew Bay.

Testing of the new Apple Photo.

My work computer is an Apple. Although I usually use lightroom, the cross-grade of iphoto to Apple Photo (and the loss of aperture) means that the software on this machine was upgraded though I do not need it to be. So I am torture testing it. I was using the Ricoh GXR last night: I have taken the chip from that camera and the first thing I am doing is importing all the photos not on this computer. It is importing 617 photos… then I will look at what it can produce. In parallel with uploading the photos to dropbox… I don’t use the icloud for photos. I need more room, and icloud is too expensive.

[Did I add that I generally use a Linux computer to process photos? Because Apple changes software “for your own good”. I don’t like that. At all.]

It took about 20 minutes to import. Using this is a bit akin to Shotwell. There are some quirks.

  1. It defaults to using the embedded jpeg within raw files. I don’t like that: I prefer to work from the raw file.
  2. I can’t easily control the size of export files. When I imported the files into wordpress, they were 11 — 12 MB each. I then had to manually reduce the files in wordpress.
  3. There is a lack of fine control.

Now for what I did yesterday this is not that needed. These three photos were edited from the raw by doing some basic enhancing and that is it.

For photos that you know need light editing only, then yes, this may be useful. Particularly for the smaller photos you will get from your cellphone. But for more serious editing, use either lightroom or lightzone. Apple has indeed made an error here.