It stopped raining [Venice. day 2.5]

I was in a conference for most of the day (which is the reason I went to Venice) but some shots: the weather was fine and the sun cut through, making the city look different.

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Olympus OM-10: 20 mm prime lens: processed in Darktable

Venice day 1.5 [you have to street shoot when it gets crowded]

I don’t like crowds that much. These photos were taken in the morning: because I woke up (jetlag) and was out of the hotel before seven I managed to avoid some of the worst of it. But by 10 AM I was basically street shooting. So a combination of both.

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All shot Olympus OM-10 using Sigma 20 mm lens @ F4.0: processed in Darktable.

Venice is wet. I am jetlagged.

Day One in Venice: most of these photos were taken after I managed to be awake most of 40 hours (I think I got four hours sleep in four flights) and during continous drizzle.

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I am afraid I got completely lost and did not note where I am: if anyone does know can they comment.

Monochrome photos out of camera and shrunk: colour photos processed in darktable.

And yes, there was a film shot before I started with the OM-10 (while I was getting lost) that will need to be developed when I get back home.

Digikam, Darktable, and software testing.

I am in the process of setting this laptop up for rapid processing of photos from raw while travelling. This requires that I am able to import a large number of files, scan through them, and then process the ones I need to from raw.

I am shifting from using shotwell to digikam for this: digikam is older, more mature, and simply faster. And it allows one to open up the file you want into darktable, where you can play with it.

Darkttable working with digiKam
Darkttable working with digiKam

I’m also going to change a couple of things around how I present photos. I’m going to use 8 bit jpegs, and limit size to 1500 max. This is simply to conserve bandwidth. I’ve also added links to my instagram account (as I tend to use instagram when I take photos with cellphones) and I have altered the licence for this place to share alike and attribute.

Does this system work? Well, some samples from today, in a slideshow.

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Ricoh GXR, 28 equivalent lens. Processed in Darktable. The photos I took in Medium format (using a Mamiya 7) are different to that lot, and will be processed by Film Soup when I get back from the next trip.