Taeri plain

I went shooting photos on Saturday and Sunday, primarily experimenting with Velvia (which will take a long time to come back) and using the Ricoh GXR as a backup.

This is the only shot in the Velvia set that I liked: everything else was underexposed and not correctable. velvia16-1

The last sunday of Winter (Digital SLR).

I have a firm opinion that the 36 MP sensor in the Nikon d800 series and the Sony A7r gives close to medium format levels of detail. This is one area that size matters, and the next series of similar sensors will look a little more like the Pentax 645D.
At present, the Pentax is around $5000, while the Nikon D810 is around $3300, and the Sony is a thousand dollars cheaper.

The big step seems to be up to 50 MP — the Pentax 645z is bigger than 35 but not quite medium format, and the Mamiya 645DF (which accepts backs from people such as Phase One) is more expensive than the Leica S2

There is a reason, that above 35 mm, I go for film and scanning. The hardware is too expensive, and you need to slow down and get those shots right. Because they have to be better than this collection, taken on the last Sunday of Winter.

Nikon d800, 70 — 130 zoom @ f 2.8 or 35 mm @ f8: processed in Rawtherapee using Vivid filter, cropping, and resizing.