Sunday, between the storms [300th post].

According to the counter on the website, this is the 300th post since Shattered Light was split away from the basic blog in March 2013. I’m returning to the DSLR for a bit: again these are basically translated into jpg files (using rawtherapee) and dropped to 3000 x 2000 but otherwise left alone.

As I am importing the files into the computer I’m exporting them directly to flickr.

These shots were taken in the Silverpeaks on Sunday. Getting there was a challenge as there had been a storm the previous day (and it snowed later on Sunday). I was trying to isolate the dead trees so used a short Tele. Nikon d800, Nikkor 85 mm f 1.8

Trimax meets water reflections.

65-4-19-3These shots come from one roll of TriMax, developed by Reatha. And by one film I mean one film. Using a Fuji 6×9 rangefinder is finicky. The maximum number of shots is eight per roll of 110. And I would not risk 220 film in most vintage cameras.


A quick note on the files: unlike the backup at flickr, I’m exporting these as 16 bit pngs and at 3000 pixels on the long side. The files are not small. They are worthwhile looking at in detail, because you get a sense of what medium format is about.

You can see the digital backup pictures taken on the same day here.

Film Soup posts… Leica M, Bessa R

A while ago I snarked about the Leica T and said I would shoot film over the weekend because I got it wrong.Well, the film is back from Film Soup.

I did not send the two films I shot over that weekend up. I sent six. All of these were taken using rangefinders: the colour with a Leica M6 and a Voightlander color skopar 21 mm f4, the monochrome with a Bessa R and a Jupiter 8 f2.

Darktable beats iphoto.

I intend to uninstall iphoto off the work machine as soon as I can get Amazon to get lightroom to me. It is free, but it was a mistake. I uploaded the data from the V1 to it and it immediately did some things wrong.

  • It hid all the files in places I cannot find them. Yes, I back up the work machine — it is a laptop, and not mine, so I have a hard disk set up running time machine.
  • It does not allow for the kind of things I need to do all the time. Adjust white balance. Correct skews. Crop.
  • I can’t control anything. Which annoys me: it’s one of the reasons I run linux on machines I own.

But it is the work machine that connects to the work server and email and it is the machine I will travel with — hence lightroom. Which does some things darktable can’t do… and I will experiment on this for a while.

But I have used Darktable for a while, and I like it. It’s probably the easiest to use (which means about the same as Lightroom 3) for Linux, and Linux is my OS of choice. There are a pile of tutorials that Robert Hutton has made that allow you to do things.

I particularly like the ability to use any grey in the photo to get colour balance.  These are all taken with the Nikon V1

At present I’m seeing how far I can go to push this programme and google images by backing up 500 images on the card directly to my google plus account  — and the limit is the fact that I’m doing this while writing a blog that contains four 8MB png files.

Darktable works non destructively. It keeps your files where they are and then exports where you tell it to. I like this: it gives me control.

It is also free.  So if you cannot afford Lightroom, install it rather than iphoto. Like Lightroom, it has a fairly steep learning curve,  but it has a good and free manual.  So spend some time with it, and you can take some photos that are “almost right” and get them fairly good.



Fog and the northern peninsula.

Ricoh GXR. I may have overexposed one film of 120 in the fog trying to get shots that failed today of cloudbanks in fog. These are some of the shots that did work. Ricoh GXR, 18 mm lens, photos processed in Darktable




This photo required the use of the graduated filter tool in Rawtherapee to get the shot: yes I was shooting directly at the sun, and trying to get the misty quality of the scene. I think this does work, now it is processed: note this file is a lot bigger.


The golden hour.

I left work around four, and took these at four-thirty, in the last hour of light on an autumn day. Nikon V1 with 10mm (wide angle) lens — alternating with shooting TriX with a normal lens.

Processed with rawtherapee, no reduction in size, as they were taken with the Nikon V1