Waterfront D800, rawtherapee.

Both these photos were taken with the d800, and basically have been moved to black and white toning in rawtherapee and exported. If I use rawtherapee I can even remove shotwell from the process and store the final files in tiffs… at present I prefer not to and keep the raw files (.NEF).

Fair warning — this is full size (and 14 mb if you download it)


Rawtherapee vs darktable.

I was dissatisfied with one of the images as it came out of Darktable yesterday. In the process, the highlights in the shadowing of the statue disappeared.

The photo works best in monochrome… so I am experimenting with Rawtherapee. This is the first attempt: I have highlighted the shadows and turned the raw file into monochrome (which is a one button solution n Rawtherapee.

I think I got a better result.


Hongkong: green concrete.

I use a Nikon V1 when travelling, along with my Bessa R. I make no apologies for this. The film from these trips is yet to be developed, but I have just loaded over 500 shots into Darktable (and Yes, Thom, I did not take my charger and the Battery is still OK).

Some notes.

1. I should have taped the rotating dial for film down: I wanted shots.
2. The multifocusing as another use — you can use the squares as a spirit level.
3. This thing is not really set up for landscape. Which is (obviously) what I do a lot of. However, all my lenses and the film camera fit in a small bag and weigh less than my DSLR body with three primes (20 mm, 35, 85).
4. I ended up using the zooms a lot more than I thought I would.

But onto photos. Hong Kong appears ugly from a distance, but the locals respect anything green.