Wide angle wrecked.


Most of these photos were taken with at 20 mm lens and you can see clear distortion in the frames with marked changes in angles. The old garage (the concrete block building) is abandoned and for sale, the wooden building is part of a working farm.

Around Warrington, North of Dunedin.





Towards Osborne

A couple of quick points: the first is that (since this in my blog) I have increased the maximum size of this. It is not full size. Secondly, this is the shot I took when I turned around.

Always turn around.


Small beauty.

I live in NZ, where things are very photogenic. Sometimes I go out and shoot this stuff using full frame cameras — including Leica and a film. But this is done better by others.

I’m better at looking at small beauty. These photos were not taken with a professional camera, but a Nikon one, walking around Dunedin: in the urban area the issues relating to finding beauty in weeds and bricks are challenging enough.




Gear Acquisition syndrome.

I’ve just loaded the first (and experimental film) into a Voightlander Vitessa L. Let’s just say that Adorama excelled themselves — it’s georgeous, clean and let’s see how I get to work it.

But it is old and fragile. Not for trips. I abuse stuff — I had the d800 and three lenses floating around in a courier style bag all last week, and the Nikon one lives in unpadded bags. The nikon was bought for travel, and I’m trying to get a small fast rangefincer (currently looking at a Konica Auto — or considering getting an early Voightlander L or R to go into the camera bag basically with black and white film in it. I carry and Android phone, so I have a lightmeter.

Which brings me to the travelwide 4×5 camera. This has a few things going for it.

1. It is large format. Really large format. 4×5 is getting interesting again with the development of instant films and new formulations.
2. It should be as rugged as all hell. Not fragile, particularly with a pinhole. Put in the bottom of the pack not fragile.
3. You can use the attached pinhole, or old copal 0 viewfinder lenses.

In short, I missed out on the crowdfunding…. but when it’s out the GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) will get really bad.

Omaha Park. (one lens: 35 mm)

I went for a walk through Omaha part and along the beach to Maraetai. It takes about 50 minutes to an hour either way. The view is to Rangitoto, which is a dormant volcano in Auckland Harbour, and includes a couple of obligatory cake box shots.





Yes, all were takne with a Nikkor 35 mm F2.O D lens.


I spent most of the week in Auckland and did some photography while I was there. I took the D800 with a minimal kit — a 70-300 AiS f 3.6 — 5.8 zoom, a 35 mm f2.0 prime and the Voightlander 20 mm f 3.5

The first pictures are of Maraetai, which is a beach that my Grandmother lived at in her retirement. I was remote when I was a kid but is now a 20 minute drive from where my parents live.

I used two of the three lenses here — which one did I leave out?