Winter storms, Dunedin

These photos needed exposure compensation. I have pushed them electronically, trying to get the sky correct. For some photos I was trying to get a subtlety of the clouds, for others the mist of the storm.




These two, however, came right out the camera as I wanted them. I have not corrected the scan.



Processing and scanning done by Wellington Photo Supplies:WPS

Two days, 38 files, and film as well.

I have a pile of rolls of film shot (a mixture of velvia, fuji 400, rollei pan and ilford, half 35 mm and half 120) that I need to send to film soup with an apology or three as I had film management problems with three of the rolls.

Sometimes digital is simpler. So here are some from yesterday and today.

Moon, Still, Blueskin.

Taken today at Waitati, overlooking Blueskin Bay, at sunset. That is two days in a row when you could get pictures of water and reflections.




This photo was taken at lake Waihola, yesterday, at sunset. Transcoded to jpg and shrunk in Darktable. No other post processing.


Using the camera with you

I generally have a camera on me. There is a holga in the car, and I carry a camera in my bag. However, some days the light is right and the others are not around.

So you use your cellphone. I have an HTC with a small 8 MP camera in it — and it is by no means a good camera. These photos are not about technique. They are about light. All the photos are straight from the camera….




Wind, sand, cold, photos.

After church we went walking. It was fine, It was cold. It was windy. Very windy. The photos are sharp: taken using a cokin filter at f4 with a nikkor 50mm lens. The blurry stuff is sand, moving at some speed. The entire beach had been turned into a kind of wind tunnel



Antipodian July 4.

Two photos for today. The first is of the teeth at the top of the Inner Harbour, taken at 9 pm. The second is of a wharf taken from Glenfollach, a private garden and reception area. When it is not snowing, windy or wet, Dunedin in winter is stunningly beautiful.