Surf, St Clair

I’m going to be a little technical here. This photo was taken using a Nikon D800 with a Nikkor 50 mm lens and f 5.6 an a Cokin graduated filter, on a tripod, set at infinity. The colours have been enhanced. The exposure did not need correcting. There was a rail at the bottom left edge of the raw file. However, when I adjusted the print to 4:3 and cropped, I got this.

Again, is up at ipernity.

Surf, end June, St Clair beach, Dunedin.
Surf, end June, St Clair beach, Dunedin.

Holgas, Ebay and a winter weekend.

I’ve got a couple of Holgas in the house and cannabalized parts to get one functional one which I have now loaded with film and put in the car (memo to self: need to find a cheap 120 film for this, pref. black and white). If you want to get a holga, use holga mods: mine is a 120N which he will not touch. You don’t use a Holga to take good photos: for that you need a texas leica or something far more expensive. For those things, you have to go to Ebay… and with automatic bidding, guess and hope.

I’ve currently almost got two rolls of film to process: am going to start mailing these to film soup until I have got b&w processing down — and given my tendency to use Velvia or Kodak Portra I need a colour lab that can handle almost anything.

So, in the meantime, some street photos. They are also up at Ipernity.

The weekend of the shortest day and storms.

A few things. The first is that I’m starting to use Ipernity to back up the photos I put up and (as it has private settings) some other ones that involve civilians. I find Yahoo intrusive (and Picasa is now virtually dead and part of Google plus) so let’s see if this french site holds up.

Secondly, the linkage has been changed around to add the Art of Photography and a couple of Caffenol blogs. (The link will take you to a review of the other pages). The caffenol ipernity group is up, and their work is at times stunning.

We have had a storm or three lately. Today we used the car to get up high and get some snow photos, as we missed being shut in. CKG_1124


Photos taken with Nikon D800, Nikkor f 1.8 50 mm lens, Cokin filters.

One keeper, 39 shot

Fuji Velvia is a hard film. You have to get everything right. When you do, it’s fantastic. It’s difficult to develop (I need to send it to a Lab far, far away) and it does not take kindly to mishandling.

Last roll and four shots of brick walls that worked and one shot I think is OK. Taken with a Nokton on an M6, using a neutral filter.



Taken yesterday. Waiting for their mistress outside a bakery.


Wet weekend.

It’s wet. Wet. Wet. This was taken in colour, but I’ve coded it in monochrome. McAndrew bay, in the mist.