The teeth at Anderson’s Bay.

I’ve just posted photos of surf spray and the street shots from lunch. But the camera also has some shots I took on the harbour side of South Dunedin At St Clair.

There are a set of sculptures called Teeth that have been placed at the head of the harbour. The may not add to the view.



Experimenting with spray.

I’m attaching a colour photo to show you what this was about, but then I’ve taken the shots to monochrome to freeze the spray from the surf.

CKG_0983 CKG_0982 CKG_0980

Nikon d800 with Nikkor 80-200 f 2.4 zoom on it. And yes, I got soaked. It is just as well the camera is weather sealed.

Music stand

The biggest problem with Kodak Tri-X is that getting it developed means sending it away to another island. But when you get this, it’s worth it. f1000016