Workflow, workflow.

I am changing my workflow by starting to use shotwell. Shotwell understands. NEF and can import large numbers of photos from cards.

Screenshot from 2013-02-17 13:31:37  It also means that things are now filed by date. Which helps, because I can generally remember when I was in a place… and then get the file.   I still use darktable for the next step.

Shotwell will also reformat my SD card. I use a compact flash card in the D800 as backup.

Film is different. I get the photos scanned at the lab, and keep the CD.

Screenshot - 170213 - 14:01:59  Darktable is definately needed at times — to get the shots here I underexposed by +2 and this needs to be fixed in post production.

From the correction (which is saved in Darktable) then I export to picasa (Google Plus) and files to be printed or for the blog