Two walks:

This weekend it has been fine, and we managed to do two reasonable walks. The first was to Tomahawk Beach, where we ended up paddling in the water — abything more than that was uncomfortable even though the day was hot, as the water is very cold and clear there.



Today we went inland. Above Middlemarch is a track that leads to the Rock and Pillar Park. The rocks start well before the park, however.


Native flowers.

One of the odd things about the Otago peninsula is that it is warm enough for the NZ Christmas Tree, the Pohutukawa. These trees have been shown in the Northland photos — but that was in the North of the country, and I live a good 1600 km further south. (Google maps says it takes 22 hours traveling time excluding the ferry by car),


The pohutukawa is quite pretty. This flower is much more like the native ones — it is the te kouka or cabbage tree in flower.

Skyline Howick

This is a photo taken halfway up the ridge towards Somerville Rd., Howick. An exercise in minimisation… hinting at the suburb just over the ridge.