Sou’Westerly St Kilda.

The piles at St Kilda were left over from moving a sewage outlet well out to sea. The weathered form has been photographed multiple times. I continue to try to find new angles. Since most people photograph them either straight on to the columns or looking towards St Kilda…. I took the opposite view.

Broken film, salvaged images.

These photos were taken with an M6 where the winder was broken and the film had to be hand rewound … so there is streaking throughout the film.

Technically, that has ruined the film. However, it looks incredibly retro,and some of the streaks are amazing.


Dunedin is one of those parts of the world where the weather changes rapidly.

Consider these two shots… taken on a gray morning, around 10:40, above Fairfeild (Mosgiel)

Nikon D800
Gorse, Roadside, Fairfield
Old house, Fairfield

We then drove down to the waterfront as the weather changed. Which left us with this shot.

Vauxhall yacht club.


I had a telephone call from the good service people at Lacklands. They have the only Leica technician in NZ, and they are trying to fix my M6 which I got from Tamarkin. It turns out that the rewinder was not only broken, but had been repaired and someone (not Tamarkin. who are very ethical and good guys) had tried to repair it and used Locktite to seal things together. Apparently the air turner purple as the tech swore in English, German and Leica.

So we are waiting for a new rewinder. Which is a compliment to Leica: the last M6 cameras were made in 1998 and there are parts available. In Germany.

Which is why a second and cheap body is so useful. My Bessa R with a Jupiter 8 has TriX in in and lives in my work bag. That thing is unpadded: do you think I will let my expensive glass live in it? The Jupiter is a nice Zeiss copy from the Russians, and the bessa is a nice light camera — and if they break, they break.

As a result, I am completely digital at present. Enough of this. The Digital camera likes old lenses, and all the photos in the gallery were taken with a second hand 70-200mm f2.8 Nikkor lens.

I may have a modern DSLR, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with second hand lenses from good manufacturers.

All photos taken around Dunedin Harbour and Dunedin Peninsula. Processed in Darktable.