Labour day. The weather has been fine, wet, and snowing. Most of the time it is around five degrees. But you would not know it from the photos in the camera (I did not get out in the snow. White haze is not photogenic.

Since the weather was horrible everything was taken handheld and quickly. This was in the leith valley

This is when it was fine, up Leith Valley. Nikkor 50 mm F 1.8 lens.

This was taken about a half hour later at Purakanui… Through the rain and haze

Have taken some monochrome film shots as well, but they will take a while to come back.



This was taken with an HTC Smartphone. It is what happens when your camera has Black and White Film in it, and the photo is not really monochrome.

Historic stone bridge. Ranfurley

I have been playing with film for most of the last few weeks. However, we did take the D800 on a trip through Ranfurly.

This is a fairly processed image. I had to cut out quite a lot of haze.

On the Road to Ranfurly, North Otago, Spring 2012

Now, on the road there is an old stone bridge. It is fenced off so you cannot go on it — all of New Zealand is an earthquake risk. But you can get down alongside it…

Historic Bridge, Ranfurly, North Otago

All shot with Nikon 50 mm F 1.8 lens.