Balclutha and Milton.

This picture was taken just before you enter Milton. I have also put it is up on the photostream. Taken with a Nikkor 28mm manual focus lens on the D800. Processed in Darktable.

The next photo is of the Ewing Fertilser works. Same lens, but by now it was almost dark… but there was something magical about the colours. I have intensified this quite a way using Velvia

Finally, two shots, taken around the corner of the fertilizer plant. One is with 28 mm lens wide open (F 2.8), and the other with a Nikoor 70-300 zoom. Both photos have had some reprocessing.

The big difference here is exposure. The first photo is at 1/2000, and is very sharp even at high magnification. The second photo (with the zoom lens wide open at f 4.8 had an exposure of 1/30, and (as I did not have a solid tripod) there is some shake.


Both photos were taken using a Nikkor normal lens on a d800. Hand held. Generally keeping the apeture wide and the exposure short

96 shots taken today, 2 at reasonable standard.

D800 in.

I have just been out taking the first shots on the D800. The EXIF file does not recognise the lens as this was taken using a 21 mm Nikkor E lens.

Not a bad shot. And the underling photo is cut down to a 16-bit png @ 2000×1500, thus is 12 MB.

But when you zoom in, you get this much detail from the same shot in Darktable.

Please note that this is using a very simple wide angle lens. Hand held. A manual focus lens. No real tweaks apart from saving as raw. The detail is in the sensor.