Jupiter Lenses (and Trees)

The good people at Fedka managed to get me a remanufactured (I have the original papers in Russian) Jupiter 6 50 mm lens. This is one of the first shots taken with it: Both on the Bessa R.

This lens has been upgraded with a LTM to M mount adaptor and now happily sits on the M body (

Ocean View day 2

I have finally got the slides and scans back from the developer. These are shots taken on the same day as Ocean View ie about a month ago. The former shots were taken with an Olympus digital camera. These were taken on Velvia.

A couple of the shots were overexposed and have been corrected. The colours on the day ranged from the golden yellow you see in the over exposed shots (which is one reason I left them in) and the deep blues on the others.

Fuji Velvia 50 ISO slide film (hence quite sensitive to exposure) , Voightlander Bessa R, primarily with 90 mm F4 Elmar lens.

Nor’wester sunrise

Today the weather changed and there was a strong northwesterly gale. This led to a very warm day, but as the front came through it rained. These photos were taken early this morning, as the sun was coming up.

Olympus evolt, Sigma 50 -200 zoom, ISO auto.

Morning light.

It is now autumn and it is just light for the morning commute. Hence the light catching a hedgerow, looking down towards North Dunedin and the University.

Taken with the HTC cellphone. I am told that the last film is being scanned and finalized today so will have more pictures tomorrow.

Gins takeaways, Balclutha.

I have one film of Velvia off being processed, am up to picture 35 on another one, and around 20 black and white shots taken with the other body… and thus no real new pictures. However, I had to go to Balclutha today. This building was in the main street.

HTC Magic Android Phone

Gin's Takeaways, Balclutha


These shots were taken rather quickly using a Nikon D3000 with the 18-45 zoom on it. Sunrise, this morning… spectacular.

Note: I am now moving to 16 bit .png for files @ max 3000×2000 for almost all pictures.

Why my rangefinders are analog

I have just got an M6 from Dan Tamarkin and I have been shooting it in parallel with the Bessa R I got about two years ago from Steve Gandy. The films are not out of the camera yet. At present I’m using fast Russian Lenses — there is a Jupiter 3 from Adorama on the Bessa, and a remanufactured Jupiter 6 from Fedka (complete with hood) on the Leica.

Heresy, you say. Well, the leica lenses I have are a and f 3.5 summarit 35 mm and a 90 mm elmar — both thread mount, and both good. But I prefer 50 mm — and if I am going wide angle there is the 21 mm voighlander (which is a superb lens) in the bag.

What is disappointing me at present is the electronic side. Leica have just released the M9 monochrom, which is clever. Steve Huff has taken superb photos with it. But… it is about $9000.

Ken Rockwell suggests that the Fuju X Pro 1 is better — but that is another set of lenses. I have Nikon and Leica thread or M mount lenses…. plus some 4/3 lenses for the E300. Rayqual (who have a great adaptor for the E300) have manual focus adaptors for many lenses for this body, so that is an alternate option… to a digital rangefinder (or DSLR, for that matter).

But at present, most of my shooting is analog. With the one week plus wait for Velvia to be processed, I am returning to B&W — though I will try some Kodak Exacta and see if that gets nice colours like Velvia does. But film is cheap — and I need to shoot a lot to justify getting a digital rangefinder, instead of saving up for a 35mm f 1.2 Nokton and/or a second hand F 1.1 Noctilux or Nokton