Stream, Silverpeaks

Olympus e300 1/40s 23.0mm iso 200

There were only really two public keepers from Sunday’s walk, and this is the second of them… using this old digital camera does not work in the hands of a son used to autofocus. There are good photos of the boys as well, but they are for emailing 🙂

D800 update: one in Dunedin

Taken from DigitalRev, where they have the camera, the bastards

I went into my local photo shop to pick up some film stuff and I was told the camera was in, to my suprise.

No suprise: one D800 has arrived in Dunedin, but not for me. So they are slowly getting off the boat. Will update this as more happens

Sweeney Todd (School Play OBHS & OBGS. April 2012)

My son was in the orchestral pit for the school production of “Sweeney Todd”. The scans are a little under exposed — the prints are very, very “black” and even more dramatic.

I honestly did not expect this to come out. I was not using a fast lens — Elmar 3.5cm f/3.5 LTM on Bessa R, wide open — and I was slowing down to 1/32 to 1/8th second exposure. I expected a lot of camera shake.

The Bessa was telling me I was continually under exposed.

What I would have liked to have had on the camera was something faster — a Canon prime, or a Nokton, or SLR Magic… or a Jupiter 3 in good nick. But I think these came out OK.

I was sitting behind the orchestra pit… and as you can see, the lighting is primarily coming from the spotlights and there is flare from the pit lights. This is techincally bad, but I like these three.

Autumn trees… one of a series.

The leaves are turning now.

Tree, Highgate, Dunedin

Note that I am using the Nikkor f2.8 28mm lens as a short normal — on a 4/3 camera like the Olympus evolt this works out at around 35-40mm. The Rayqual adaptor does not allow the camera body to record anything but the exposure.

Bad Photo.

I shot this with the ceelphne 8MP camera at Dunedin Airport yesterday. There are a series of problems with it.

1. The camera foccused on the sigh.
2. THe lesn has indaequate DOF. Everyone else is blurred.
3. The picture is quite contrasty — doe to the nature of the place. The external wall is glazed…

My cardinal error was I left the real cameras in the car. If I had a real camera, I would have caught the same moment, but I would have focused on the people (manually if needs be) and used a small apeture to give some DOF.

There are limits to what a cellphone can do, and this photo shows most of them.

Now. there are limits to what you can do. Using the latest version of Darktable, sharpening, and turning it monochrome, you get something a little more acceptable.

HTC camera photos

I have had to replace my phone… my contacts and calendar live in the google cloud and without a smartphone I now find myself lost. And I lost it… after I had taken a shot that I wanted, as well.

But this one has an 8 MP camera. Tried it out this morning.

Tree, morning, North Dunedin

So far, so good, But the camera does have flare. This is an almost impossible shot, and poorly composed, but you can see the problem.

Medical School, Dunedin

But… the light today was too good not to take photos. This final one is taken from Wakari … a view that I am not tiring of.
Dunedin from Wakari


Late autumn day, great light. This set starts in North Dunedin and ends up at the Harbour basin.

Most shots taken with a Nikkor f 2.8 28mm lens on an Olympus evolt.

The numbers on the watermark are incorrect because all focusing was manual and there is no connection between the nikon lens and the camera.