Nikon D800 New Zealand Prices.

Nikon D800 (from Nikon Site)
Nikon D800 (from Nikon Site)
I have been told by Photo Warehouse that the Recommended Retail price for this is $4600 (Incl GST) and their price is $4 444. They have a limited supply, and need deposits ASAP if you want one on the new shipment.

The D&00 price in NZ is about 700 -900 less, so it makes sense to get the newer machine if you want full frame. The best bargain would be a D5000 — which is going at around $1250 and is good enough for many if not most people.

Two asides. The first is the cost to land a grey import copy from Amazon…
(Amazon, $ US)
Cost 2999
shipping 200
NZ (@ 83c US) 3854.22
GST (15%) 4432.35

The second is for the Leicaphiles. the M9 is 9000 here, the M0-P 10 500.
I commented over at Steve Huff’s place that I could buy a zeiss ikon and a d800 for the cost of an M9. Since a Zeiss Ikon new here is $2590… that is $7000.

Which means I could buy the voighlander 50 mmm Nokton ($1600) new, over here. and have my ideal two camera bag cheaper than an M9 body.,

UPDATE. 29th March 2012

I hae a deposit down on this, but the prices are going up in the UK. Under contract law, the price i’m quoted will stay… but I expect Nikon to use price as a method of rationing this camera body. The initial technical reviews have been outstanding, and the new Canon 5D (although an excellent camera) looks like it is a generation behind in the sensor stakes. So if you wait, you may be waiting a long time.

As an aside, the cheaper way for a leicaphile is to buy an M2 or M4-P (under $1000 US at Adorama today) and use your cellphone as a lightmeter. Old school, but let’s face it, Rangefinders are old school. Delightfully so. And a light film camera is useful in situations where a DSLR is overkill.

UPDATE end May

I understand that another shipment of D800s has landed in NZ. However, I am not sure how they will be distributed around the country. There are apparently less arriving than there are people on the waiting list.

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