Have just returned from a Sunday drive with a broken Voightlander Bessa R: the film is stuck. Slightly annoying, to put it mildly.  I guess the risk in buying 20 year old rangefinders from secondary makers is that they can break.

These shots, however, were taken on the Nikon DLSR, and that darn thing is reliable. I was driving from Auckland to Wellington, and this is Ruapehu, the volcano in the middle of that island.

Houses, Auckland.

This is a street in Kohimaramara. As the suburb has gentrified, the old shop fronts a block or so from the beach have been converted into residences.


Moving to Darktable.

I have just discovered Darktable, which is an integrated workflow system that (a) groks ubuntu quite well and (b) is opensource. It has a lightbox and file manager, handles the exports I like to do, and seems to be quite easy to work with. Has good reviews.

Early notes: it exports .tiff fairly rapidly: including turning everything on the card (there are 309 pictures there at present) both ,jpg and .nef, into .tiffs.  And it can then export selected files, allowing you to set size.

This allows for a much faster workflow for me.