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On the final day I walked above the colonial cemetery and back through Wang Chai. Fuji XPro 1. Processing in Darktable.

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On this day I took the ferry over to Kowloon. Which is quite glitzy. Fuji XPro 1, normal (35 mm) lens, processed darktable

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I switched to a normal lens and went out in the afternoon around the hotel area. Fuji Xpro one 35 mm lens processed darktable.

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These photos were taken on the way back from church, in the midlevels. Hong Kong has some pretty parts, but most of the interesting things occur on the street. Fuji…

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Day two traveling. Processing rapidly, And yes, I do find alleyways. But I did get trapped by the tourist areas. Fuji X Pro 1, Processed Darktable

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This is the first of a series of trip photos that I am processing fast from raw while away from home. I’m sitting in an airport lounce, and these are…

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One walk, one lens, one camera. As I set up for wildlife I have had to use Hugin to stitch scenery out of a panorama. All photos processed in Darktable…

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Darktable Dunedin micro 4/3

People say the Xpro one is not good at autofocus and low light. But… one of my contacts is chipped, leaving me unable to focus manually. Our black cat decided…

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I’m using an odd kit when trying to shoot wildlife. Most of my cameras are set up for landscapes or portraits. And yes, I can do those with the V3.…

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Dunedin Nikon One