Micro four third cameras can work for scenery in good light. In poor light, less so. It is not as much the megapixels as the pixel behind the lens. And…

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Further experimentation with developing using Photographer’s Formulary PMK with TP-4 as a fixer. Shooting using a Bronica 6×6 SLR with a 65 mm lens — about 35 mm equivelant —…

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These photos are taken using a Voightlander color skopar manual lens on a Nikon D800, clamped onto a tripod. From two shooting sessions in one week: one at an inlet…

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Darktable Dunedin Nikon D800

These scans were the surprise of the film. Some shots did not have enough contrast, and these were generally underexposed… but there is something about them I like. Ultrafine 400…

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Bronica Dunedin Film

Bronica Film Otago

These were taken with an Olympus OM-10 with a normal Sigma lens. No cropping, mild corrections in darktable. Yes, I got close to a seal. Yes, it was wild. Yes,…

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Darktable Dunedin micro 4/3 Otago

This is from yesterday. The pier at St Clair was there for 100 years, though over the last few years there have just been piles. After this winter’s storms, the…

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Dunedin Nikon One rawtherapee

Well, I managed to get the scanner working. Main problem is not the software — I am using Epson’s iscan which works perfectly well on fedora based linuxes — but…

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I did not take all these photos: a couple were taken by the pro photographer. Olympus OM-10, Sigma 19 mm lens, processed darktable.

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Darktable micro 4/3 Otago

I have a week off, and I’m shooting a bit more digital at present: the pile of film awaiting development is increasing considerably. These photos were taken with a Voightlander…

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