Otago Harbour, cellphone.

These were taken using my cellphone tonight: one is a panorama based on multiple photos from the google photo system.

Xperia Z5 cellphone.

(And yes, I have better photos to process later, once the move to casa weka is complete)

Affinity: better than Darktable? Lightroom Killer?

I have bought the Mac home for the Christmas break, as there a couple of work projects that may need doing. This has different photo processing apps on it: one of which is Affinity, which I am experimenting with.

One comment: compared with my HD 1080 screen the Retina on my Mac is far, far better. As my work laptop is pushing three years old, the main issue I will have from here on out is screens and videos to drive it.

I just don’t want to spend Mac or Dell XPS prices to get it.

Some trial shots.

At first sight…. this can import a pile of photos, it makes very good monochrome, the defaults make sense, it has zone systems that work, and you can modify more than I do a file. I was processing d800 raw photos, but they are in my mind of moderate size: my medium format scans routinely are 90 — 120 MB.

It does slow down, at least on the old macbook pro I use. It is better than Lightroom, and as good (in my hands) as Darktable.

Some changes here.

Couple of things that have happened. The first is that Twenty seventeen is the theme here, but not at the main blog. This place is photo centric, and I’ve been going back through the uploaded files finding nice heading shots.

The second is that I’m moving to jpegs when posting here for file size. I will put .png files up at smugmug.

These photos are taken from the backyard. D800, 85 mm lens, f2.8, after the freezing summer rain we get here.

A mamiya 7, Dunedin Harbour.

I’m moving and all the darkoom stuff is in storage. So these are downloaded from the Darkroom site: one roll of 120, shot with a Mamiya 7ii, no processing.

Mick’s place.

In October, Robyn and I visited our friend Mick. He lives in a house above Lake Hawea. It was spectacular.

Nikon D800, Darktable, multiple filters, Voightlander 21 mm f4.0, Nikon f1.4 50 mm


Using the Fuji XPro. Some street, some macro, flowers and street.

Fuji X Pro 1, files are 4000 on long side pngs, from Darktable

An aside. As Film Soup is defunct and my scanner is in storage, I’m sending a bunch of stuff to California, where the Darkroom exists. Will get the scans back on a USB stick.


I have been doing other things, mainly house related, and now that a very busy time has finished I was able to get into the hills today and take some photos. Of a weed: gorse is considered noxious in New Zealand

Fuji XPro 1, Darktable, with photos translated to .png and then downsized in WordPress.