Film Soup, cellphones, killing Flickr, and some digital photos.

Apparently Yahoo are selling people’s photos from Flickr. This is annoying: I do not mind sharing — in fact I would donate photos to good causes. But I don’t like people taking. As a result, I’m backing everything up to Smugmug and Dropbox, and letting the flickr account die. The only good thing in Flickr is the cellphone app — and Instagram does a better job of that. I understand that this is in part because most people take photos on cellphones. The newest phones…

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Dirty old town

I know that the song “Dirty old Town” was set in Ireland, but in my mind it has always applied to that Penal Colony, New South Wales, and the main city there, Sydney. Being sent to Botany Bay may have been a fate preferable to the executioner in Georgian times, but the town is what it is. And since I was in a more historical bit last week, I took a Ricoh GXR with me. Again, photos are shrunk from originals and 16 bit pngs,…

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Portra160_ 9

Slide and nonslide goodness from Film Soup.

There are a series of Velvia and Portia shots here — that is some C41 (which is more tolerent of lousy exposure) and some e6 slide film (which has to be exact). All developed and scanned by Reatha. It includes some of my learning curve shots on the Mamiya — and some shots that pushed it beyond the limits of the film and I have had to post process in Lightzone. Thanks again to Reatha, and can I remind everyone that she does a superb…

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Walking to work and such. (Nikon V3 raw file decoding)

Nikon, for reasons that are apparent only to themselves, use .NEF files for coding RAW and these vary between cameras. When new cameras come out it takes some time for the software people to get good at decoding the raw files. In particular dcraw, which is an extremely good raw converter, takes some time. So I’m taking the photos I shot over the last couple of days using the Nikon V3 and using lightroom, which has just been updated, and handles these files better. All…

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Portra160_ 3

This is a very big file.

I have set the picture here as a featured image with the real file below because I need to warn you all. This is a 15.8 MB 2000×2000 png, cropped and shrunk from a .tiff file. I would not click on it unless you want it as a wallpaper. While I am at it, Reatha’s kickstarter has been mentioned in the local photo magazine, D-photo. When Marvin died, I thought all was lost. How would I ever afford to fix or replace him. Film Soup…

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The sea and sheds [Film in Dropbox no. 1]

Reatha has managed to excell herself. Over the weekend 234 scans were deposited into my dropbox account, all as .tiff files. Now, each of these files is fairly big, and I am scanning them and bulk transforming them: having tried to use lightroom (which led to very big files) I have turned them into pngs using Rawtherapee and downsized them. two different films: most are Velvia, Shot using a Leica M6, with a Voightlander 21mm f4 Skopar lens. The monochrome, however, was shot with the…

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