I have spent considerable time on my other sites, particularly dark brightness, to get it up and running, and now I am coming to this site and doing a few things.

  1. I lost all of dark brightness, but vaultpress bought it back. This is now installed.
  2. The A2 hosting plugins are in place.
  3. I have added NextGen Gallery as a trial: the paid versions of this look good but let’s see if it is compatible. It looks like it can handle larger photo posts, which will be useful here.

In the meantime, some analogue photos.


Old analogue #Filmisnotdead

I got an email from the Darkroom indicating that my scans there would be deleted, so I have been reviewing and downloading them. These are from 2016: I note that there were a lot of failures. I think most of them were shot with a mamiya 7.

Autumnal flowers

It is the equinox, the hills are getting snow, and the last of the summer colour is going. Robyn has harvested the apples from the garden. We have lit our first fire for 2018. And I managed to get some of the last of the garden beauty, between showers.

Only two photos… the gallery (tiled at large size) will link to the big files. Which are 28MB or so, despite being taken with a 16 MP OM-10.

As the weather gets worse, there will be more analogue. I have film from summer to develop and scan.

Driftwood and snow.

We had a few days of cold and rainy weather. This translated to snow on the mountains, when we could see them

The photos were white balanced against the snow, and this prings out the golden haze of what should be late Summer. When you are supposed to find driftwood, but not snow.