Venice is wet. I am jetlagged.

Day One in Venice: most of these photos were taken after I managed to be awake most of 40 hours (I think I got four hours sleep in four flights) and during continous drizzle. I am afraid I got completely lost and did not note where I am: if anyone does know can they comment. Monochrome photos out of camera and shrunk: colour photos processed in darktable. And yes, there was a film shot before I started with the OM-10 (while I was getting lost)…

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Above St Kilda

Digikam, Darktable, and software testing.

I am in the process of setting this laptop up for rapid processing of photos from raw while travelling. This requires that I am able to import a large number of files, scan through them, and then process the ones I need to from raw. I am shifting from using shotwell to digikam for this: digikam is older, more mature, and simply faster. And it allows one to open up the file you want into darktable, where you can play with it. I’m also going…

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Micro four thirds, a tripod, and two legs: kit testing.

I am going to introduce these photos by a quote from Thom Hogan. Then I will discuss why I was carrying a tripod around Brighton beach, west of Dunedin this evening. Not a single one of you phrased your biggest problem as being “I need more pixels” or “I need more dynamic range.” None of you really said your problem was that the camera’s frame rate was too slow to capture what you shoot. What are we getting from the camera makers? More pixels. Better…

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Getting lost [And no need to upgrade a D800]

These were taken on the way to a hydro lake and at the lake on Valentine’s day: before I got lost and was navigating back the long way… we ended up finding the main road an hour from home. I can get details at full size on these photos: I consider that the sensor in the d800 and successors punches a bit above its weight. It is not as good as the best medium format film I have used — but those shots are taken…

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Why does the Nikon One have the easiest workflow of all the electronic cameras I have tried?

Relax, there are photos at the end of this. But I read this last night and I suggest you go and read the original (and use the links at Thom Hogan’s page to get your next lot of film from B&H: support a good critic and keep analog going. He’s talking electronic here. …. just saw another private report this past week that predicted what would be 30% upswing in ILC camera sales by 2018. There’s just one problem with that report: not a single…

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