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All posts allow comments for three weeks. At that time, they close.

If you are going to troll, please be amusing and witty. Boring comments will be used for fisking. or removed. Abusive comments will be deleted, as will any comments that the author wishes me to remove.

If you comment does not appear one of three things have happened.

  1. You used certain words. I have a fairly long list of banned words: including all the abbreviations and variations of this.
  2. You have really annoyed me, and you are now banned. By address and IP.
  3. Your have too many links..
  4. You break the rules of civilized discourse, and out civilians. See the updates.

Update Part I

I really should not need to say this, but in this time of FDA and other regulation of internet delivered psychiatry and advice. I better make this obvious. I am a psychiatrist by trade. I have a university role and a job in the local hospital system.

I do not have a private practice. This blog is a hobby. It is not a place where I will give advice: indeed some of my friends and links take positions that contradict me, and the standards of the college which I am obliged to follow.

If you need help, you have my sympathy, and prayers. But you need to find someone local, and a quick search of Google for the nearest mental health centre or university department of psychiatry is a good place to start.

There is no email attached here. This is because of the amount of spam that hits my work emails which are published in papers. THose who need to get hold of me either know how, or will work out from the comments how to do it.

This blog links to social media. Facebook is for friends, Linkedin is for colleagues, and twitter is for annoying @jack and @safety. What I say here or there is my personal opinion. I am limited in what I can say in general by my role, and more limited in my professional role. In short, commend here unless you are a friend.

Update Part II.

I link at times to people’s comments on the internet, and may talk in general about circumstances. But one of the rules we have to keep is protection of the civilians. This includes children, spouses, friends, people we see professionally — in short any person who would not want their thoughts spread by twitter to 4chan or worse.

Politicians, pundits and other public figures statements are fair game. But their families are not.

And, given local laws and standards, anything that looks remotely defamatory will be deleted.

Update Part III.

There is harmful speech legislation in NZ, with safe harbour rules. These rules are onerous. Let’s not go there, OK?

6 thoughts on “Commenting rules

  1. Hi, I think your blog might be having browser compatibility issues.

    When I look at your website in Opera, it looks fine but when opening
    in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping. I just wanted to give you
    a quick heads up! Other then that, fantastic blog!

    Only time I use windows is when I have to. And last time I did this, it did not overlap, which was on holiday a week or so ago. Opera works: so does firefox (well, the debianized version) and chrome… I use all three

  2. Hello! Love reading your missives. I am looking for a post on the effects of the long term use of psychotropics as they relate to folks who commit mass shootings. I thought sure that it was you who’d written it. I cannot find it in your archive. Thanks much. Do keep it up.

    • The psychotropic groups of medications (there are several) have several and overlapping effects. Most of the time the issue I have clinically is people coming off meds.

      Will look, but here is a hint: there is no medication for personality disorder, and none for evil.

      • True. I do recall seeing some research pertinent to ADD medications and lack of impulse control perhaps due to physiological changes in the CNS. When I return to reread them they seem to have vaporized.

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    As a fellow Christian, and one who is in need of all the support he can get, I was wondering if you would like to draw attention on this website or elsewhere towards my endeavor to raise donations for a film that serves the Lord. Please take a look at my page and email me if you would be interested in helping.

    God Bless,

    Put a blog post up with this.

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