The fate of MySpace is the fate of Babylon.

The trouble with convergence is that it does not merely destroy: it removes any value in the remaining business model, and leaves fields not fallow but radioactive. The Romans sowed fields with salt: the current progressive narrative is more destructive. And when Babylon falls you are left with a wasteland. There is no joy, there … Continue reading The fate of MySpace is the fate of Babylon.

The faceborg is bad for you

This paper made me go and have a look at my facebook stats. The average person in the cohort study had 300 facebook friends: I have under 70. I cannot access my like statistics: I need to recite number 12 of the 16 points and not care what people think of me. Because facebook is … Continue reading The faceborg is bad for you

The marks of convergence

Compulsion If the narrative decides an option is not acceptable, it will not be offered. There is a reason why house prices are allowed to rise in the West: it ensures the wife must work, to keep the family fed, while the husband pays the mortgage. There used to be bright lines around loan amounts … Continue reading The marks of convergence

Notes from the code monkey.

This is not me: this is from a code monkey. But the same thing applies elsewhere. Reading about medications on-line is different from having to prescribe them: and only those who do prescribe them should write the guidelines about this. (And yes, I've done both). If you don't have that experience, you keep on finding … Continue reading Notes from the code monkey.

Quote of the day.

Anyway, as America’s cultural exports — not just movies and music, but things like Facebook too — become ever more poisonous and destructive to traditional culture it will be interesting to see whether it will dawn on the left that foreign anti-Americanism has less to do with imperialism, colonialism, or a cartoonish theory of capitalism … Continue reading Quote of the day.

Odds and Bits.

It is now about 8PM and I am supposed to be finding articles and searching. Or doing music practice. Instead, I have been distracted. It all started when I watched the SpaceX Falcon launch and then got lost on Twitter. After that, most of the reading for the night became trivial. Two examples: Simon Travalgia … Continue reading Odds and Bits.