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The savage ain’t noble.

Without Christ, we are going to follow our own ends. This leads to tribalism. We need limits on our behaviour. God is merciful. He saved the people of Israel and those who joined them… and gave them a law that is sustainable. But no one can keep it. We thus need the work of Christ. […]

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Money, law and love.

I’m reversing the order that I read these in the lectionary. The first passage is from the Gospel, (which is read last: you leave the best for last),  It was proceeded by the letters or NT reading. Mark 6:30-46 30The apostles gathered around Jesus, and told him all that they had done and taught. 31He […]

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Ignore the smoke and mirrors.

Ah the tactics of the left. From the herald This is shaping up to be a very Queensland election. On March 24 the state’s voters will go to the polls dazzled by a campaign that has featured an Opposition leader who may never make it to Parliament, a bruising row over gay marriage, candidates dumped […]

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Free from anxieties, not anxiety.

I’m going to start with an observation: Anxiety is useful. Anxiety, obsessiveness, can be a positive trait. I want obsessive doctors and accountants. I want obsessive chefs.  I want those blood results checked, the patient reviewed the third time… Now, the Psalmist says that the way to avoid anxiety is to keep the law. It […]

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A marraige will cause distress, but distress will come anyway.

Last night son one decided that he was going to watch the demographic winter. This leads back to one of the ongoing observations, that the religious have more children: that marriage (two biological parents raising their children) gives the best results for the children, and that the consequences of the feminist, divorce and sexual revolutions […]

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