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Bleak Theology: Hopeful Science

Author: pukeko

Quote of the day.

I need to re read by Sayers. Lord Peter Wimsey is a knight errant, as surely as Miles Vorkosigan. But much more English, and much more restrained. For Lord Wimsey – eccentric and resoundingly British and modern though he might be in other respects – is assuredly a deeply medieval character. It is obvious especially […]

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Fallen Traditions.

My first interaction with the Harawiras was thirty years ago. I was working in a psychiatric hospital as a junior doctor, and I had to stitch up the patients assaulted by the staff in a Maori run unit. Headed by a well known Nga Puhi woman, Titewhai Harawera. The same woman ‘protected’ the next prime […]

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The wrath of Nature and God.

Overnight, the Israel Folau hate speech controversy became an official ten minutes of hate against Israel and his wife. They have my sympathy, and the deserve our prayers. The head of the Green Party, Marama Davidson, took to Twitter to give a sermon about his hateyness, and one of the more woke Wellington rugby team […]

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From Today’s JAMA, without comment.

Charter on Physician Well-being Societal Commitments Foster a Trustworthy and Supportive Culture in Medicine. Alignment between the stated values of medicine and actual practice is essential for enhancing engagement in work and trust in the profession. Individual physicians and physician leaders have a responsibility to examine the extent to which the culture of medicine, broadly […]

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Drink Real Coffee. Boycott Starbucks.

There are two reasons to ever enter a Starbucks and buy something. You need to use the rest room. There are no other ones available. I suggest, in this case, you buy their mints. You neither have some coffee on you, nor there is a better alternatives (I get better coffee from McDonalds, or a […]

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