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Moar administration.

So far this week…

  1. I have come to the conclusion that Jetpack slows everything down too much. It is uninstalled, and I have switched themes to something that automatically extracts things. I have deactivated AMP. The site is now loading… including on my cellphone,
  2. I found that if I changed the theme I could get extraction. Given the tendency for facebook to troll through everything regardless of what you want, I have disabled social media.
  3. The site went down, once running again, due to a server issue.  It is now up, again. Export file downloaded.
  4. The amount of spam here is increasing.
  5. The commenting rules have been revised.


I have recieved this email from A2 Hosting.

Dear A2 Hosting Customers,
I wanted to personally reach out to you today regarding the service in= terruption you experienced Sunday, April 15th.

I do not take t= hese type of outages lightly. I am committed to providing you with the reliable hosting services you have come to expect from our Team. Your site’s uptime and speed is my number one priority.

The South East Michigan region was hit with severe ice storm that caused widespread power outages. Our Data Center is fitted with multiple levels of power redundancy; However, despite a rigorous testing and maintenance schedule, a critical component of power infrastructure failed to operate as it should ha= ve.

I am reviewing the redundancy plan in place currently and will make the necessary adjustments to avoid an interruption like this going forward.

I wanted to personally and sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. I am extremely embarrassed that this sit= uation occurred in the first place and will do whatever is necessary to avoid this going forward.

My Team is standing by to answer any specific questions you may have. We are going to work hard to regain your trust.

That gains some respect back. And gives an example of how to deal with such events.

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