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Bleak Theology: Hopeful Science

Day: April 16, 2018

Moar administration.

So far this week… I have come to the conclusion that Jetpack slows everything down too much. It is uninstalled, and I have switched themes to something that automatically extracts things. I have deactivated AMP. The site is now loading… including on my cellphone, I found that if I changed the theme I could get […]

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Triggering Teaching.

One of the students at today’s lecture asked me about the death rate for lesbians and gays from suicide. I do not know of decent data on this: the problem is that no one records sexuality in a standard way. For example, Quin et al used “registered partner” as a proxy for gay marriage, as […]

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Administration and Lectionary Collide.

After the last couple of days, life intrudes again. The sermon at equippers church was about praise getting you out of a jail. Needed, but that night there was a storm in the Midwest. And the power went out at the webhost. (No, this blog is not hosted in New Zealand. Latency matters). So instead […]

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