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Bleak Theology: Hopeful Science

Day: April 7, 2018

Saturday Sonnet

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The Turk was the Islamist terror army of the Elizabethan era, and Sydney’s comment about Eros being forced out of Greece by this resonates with the current bans on public displays of affection in the Sharia states. Where I cannot dance with my wife, even in private. And they make their own hell, and call […]

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Antifragile in a time of degeneration.

The idea that we are progressing and becoming more free, more liberated, is a lie. It a conscious lie: it requires a grand narrative. A recent article in Socail Matter, looking at British culture through a political lens, demonstrates this bleakly. To the progressives, of course, this degeneration is a feature, not a bug. Meanwhile, […]

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