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Bleak Theology: Hopeful Science

Day: April 1, 2018

Sunday Sonnet

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It is Easter Sunday and April Fool’s Day. And so, a picture before the Sonnet from one of the reformed churches in NZ, who correctly uses facebook for memes, and paper for congregational news. Now the next in the sonnet sequence. The Psalm implies that David was the child of a mistress: in sin my […]

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He is risen indeed.

Do not listen to the narrative of this time, for you will never be able to signal virtue to the satisfaction of the left and their demonic minions. It is not sufficient to preach atheism if you offend the transintersectionalists. Who make up more words than us. Do not listen to the marketers, who tell […]

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Quarter site stats (And March)

A lower month than February, but still reasonable traffic. Interestingly, the WordPress and statcounter numbers are similar, at just over 10k views. In the first quarter there were 33k views, 11k visitors, and 66 comments. And only one time when I banned someone. Thank you all. Monthly Stats Report: 1 Mar – 31 Mar 2018 […]

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