Hypocrisy is a vice: Civility a weak virtue.

We are at a point where we are being silenced: if we cannot be silenced we will be bought to the amenable authorities and forced to recant. For it is not merely the truth that is offensive, but thought.

Rational thought, you see, is racist. Or sexist. Or does not acknowledge the subjective experience of the hearer. Or is unsafe, as it triggers.

As if gravity cares.

So in polite society we are silenced. And honesty retreats to the margins.

Leftists are non-rational, and cannot argue. Because they cannot argue, they must silence any argument unheard.

There are two ways to silence an argument unheard. One is to say that the wording of the opponent is so impolite and offensive and insensitive, that it is beneath one’s dignity to argue. This is called political correctness.

Please note that these hollow men are never able to be polite themselves, nor able to say things that do not offend. The rule does not apply to them, only to you.

The other is to invent some spurious accusation against the opponent, and then say that, due to the guilt of the opponent, the opponent has lost the right to speak at all. This is a strawman argument, combined with ‘no platformming’.

Please note that these hollow men are never disqualified themselves, no matter their lies, no matter how outrageous their lies.

The rule does not apply to them, only to you. Once one sees the Leftist pathetic inability to put statements in a row to form an argument, one cannot un-see it.

It is glaring.

And the form never changes. The Left is as stiff and rigid in their thinking, speech, and forms of action as the stylized singers in a Japanese kabuki play.

Notice, please, that even when I say directly to a hollow man what the flaws in his argument are, he does not answer (except with more of the same) does not react (except with more of the same) and cannot correct this argument to avoid the flaw.

Hypocrisy is not an accidentally side effect of Leftism. It is the point of Leftism.

John C Wright, The voice of No one

Such people deserve nothing but scorn. To be civil is to be cowardly: they would have us destroyed. The correct answer to their pleas for inclusion is Anathema: the correct response of the church is excommunication and of a nation is to cast them beyond the pale. to walk as exiles until they find sense.

Let them live the consequences of their beliefs, instead of making us swallow the results of their policies.

Civility is a mild virtue at best. At worst, as is so often the case among Conservatives, it is a fig leaf thinly concealing the vice of cowardice and a lack of faith.

We are commanded to preach the Gospel in and out of season. Christ also blessed those who take no offense at Him. Others’ feelings have no claim on whether or not we should speak the truth.

I agree with Franciscan theologian Thomas Weinandy. The root cause of so many Western Christians’ timidity is weakness of faith. Too many of us have lost confidence in the rightness of Church teaching–or even the reality of objective right and wrong.

Durandel’s relatives and acquaintances do not speak as Christian men of old did. Their lukewarmness shames the apostles, martyrs, and crusaders who risked their lives witnessing the Kingdom to heathens. The tired old rationalization “If we use their tactics, we become no better than them” has no basis in Catholic moral theology. Note that the one making this argument assumes he is better than the Left and wishes above all to maintain his affected moral superiority. That is the sin of presumption. He also makes a category error. Debating philosophy with the Athenians did not make Paul a Greek. Fighting the Saracen by force of arms did not ex opere operato convert the crusaders to Islam.

As Durandel rightly pointed out, the rich and venerable tradition of Catholic moral theology allows even for the use of deadly force in self-defense. Aquinas and the School of Salamanca wrote at length on just war theory. Make no mistake, we are in wartime. The Left and their sub-pagan hordes want you and your acquaintances who bow and scrape for their approval dead and despoiled. A man who will not resist the attempted extermination of his kin and his faith with every weapon at his command–and worse, cannot resist scolding those who will–is a coward unworthy of a Christian gentleman’s civility himself. He does not think with the mind of Christ or heed the voice of His bride the Church.

Brian Niemeier, Kairons

Our enemy, of course, will be triggered by Brian talking of Christendom, or gentlemanly behaviour. But the enemy mocks all that is good.

Do not be him. Do not be like him.

One thought on “Hypocrisy is a vice: Civility a weak virtue.

  1. There are two honourable options when faced with an enemy who wishes to destroy you, and for whom slander, mob violence and so forth are valid tactics for them and not for you.

    One is the path of the knight, to resist with violence. The other, entrusting oneself to Him who judges justly, could end in martyrdom.

    May we not take the third option, a dishonourable and cowardly surrender; and where we do so, may we repent before we are fatally compromised.

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