Dark Brightness

Bleak Theology: Hopeful Science

Day: March 20, 2018

Kiwi Gothic beats Ogden Nash.

Ogden Nash wrote one verse. A kiwi thought “Funny, but the Lazy bastard wrote only one verse”. And since Kiwis have a bleak streak in them a mile wide, he took it to a logical conclusion. I should add that the poem is not safe for work. And that I found it on facebook.

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Administrivia March 2018.

The fun this month has been setting up efficient systems to write. I have two papers out this year, two in submission, and two needing revision and resubmission. I have study protocols and ethics proposals to write. And the old stacks are breaking down. Browser wars I have basically stopped using Chrome and Chromium. They […]

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Prophecy is judgement.

Prophecy is judgement, and the social media we have are a lie. The social media tell us what validates us in the hope that we will continue to use them. And we do: we do. When we find a company or service, we check out its facebook profile. I sensible woman looks at the facebook […]

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