Lethal best practice.

I am a thorn in the side of the academic cathedral. It is not because I don't do work, it is because I am not agreeable. For the role of the academic is to be disagreaable, monomanical, and seek the truth. Be it by scholarship or experiment. We should not need to be collegial. We … Continue reading Lethal best practice.

Cannabis correlates with psychosis?

This is one of those interesting papers that the scandinavians can do. A cohort in Northern Finland has been followed from birth, in 1985 was interviewed at age 15 or 16. (2000-2001) The baseline demographics indicate that the rate of cannabis use was not that high... and they have now been followed to age 30. … Continue reading Cannabis correlates with psychosis?

Without quarter

Knowledge may puff up, but self esteem is far more effective. In this time when there are walkouts if you mention a biological fact -- such as men and women are different physiologically and psychologically -- because it offends their ideology it is not food that is being sacrificed to idols but facts to ideologies. … Continue reading Without quarter