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Month: March 2018

Facebook dead by the end of Trump’s term?

Via Vox Popoli, the facade of the Faceborg is breaking. Facebook employees were in an uproar on Friday over a leaked 2016 memo from a top executive defending the social network’s growth at any cost — even if it caused deaths from a terrorist attack that was organized on the platform. In the memo, Andrew […]

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Saturday Sonnet.

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You can find a transliteration at the link. But the contrast of “beamy black” is far, far better. Stella and Astrophel Seven. When Nature made her chief work, Stella’s eyes, In colour black why wrapp’d she beams so bright? Would she in beamy black, like painter wise, Frame daintiest lustre, mix’d of shades and light? […]

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Why the Pope needs a good excommunication.

Yesterday I a commentator said about Catholic theology: this may be above my pay grade. I would suggest it is not. I am not a Papist and I don’t have a degree in Catholic theology, though the church fathers are useful, and I enjoy William Briggs when he summarizes Acquinas because I don’t then have […]

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The lies of Easter.

This morning I was thinking that the question of the day is whom do we trust: Christ or the bunny? The cross or chocolate? The pagan symbols of Easter — eggs, bunnies, spring work because they tie to older myths. They even work in Japan, where the symbols lack cultural signifiers. And it is clear […]

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On translation.

Let us start with Nick B Steves, who is discussing the Iliad. He’s correct: the original greek is terse. Laconic. Brutal. And the Victorians wanted to turn it into the iambic pentameter it was not, or (better) gave a prose crib. For they assumed you would read the greek yourself. The modern translations are better […]

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