Winter Olympics ratings down.

I have not watched any of the Winter Games. And it is available on free to air TV in NZ. And it is being promoted. Heavily.

It might be because I prefer to watch things where the athletes are measured by time or weight or the number of times they get a puck or ball in the net. I hate things that are judged. Where you have to be pretty. But apparently, I’m not alone.

Per NBC’s Total Audience Delivery (TAD) ratings, which measures linear, digital and out-of-home viewing, NBC Olympics’ Thursday prime-time coverage averaged 17.2 million viewers, 16 million if which were NBC-only viewers, meaning TAD provided an 8 percent bump to the total viewer average.

The 17.2 million represents the most-watched Thursday night program on any network in five months, but it’s down 14 percent from the first-night audience for the 2014 Sochi Winter Games (20 million viewers).

The 2014 Sochi Olympics had no simultaneous livestreaming and no competing prime-time Olympic cable coverage. Both of those platforms are included in the TAD delivery for 2018.

The rules have been altered to allow for streaming and non broadcast eyeballs. But the numbers are still down.

Watch this, as Vox says, convergence is bad in any organization or program.

2 thoughts on “Winter Olympics ratings down.

  1. I genuinely enjoy watching the athletes compete in sports that don’t usually get mass coverage in the States. We’re watching ski jumping right now, earlier, short track speed skating. I love speed skating.

    The opening ceremonies were meh. I remember Sarajevo, Lillehammer, Albertville…the high tech spectacle of the past several games don’t evoke the same emotion from me. And of course, the multi cult is in force. Even Nigeria has an athlete. Madagascar has one, adopted by a French couple when she was one, raised and trained in France, but she’s allowed to represent. Whatever. Enjoy your participation trophy!

    We’ll see what the Big Time events get ratings wise. Figure skating, downhill skiing. Snowboarding. That’s all anyone in the States really cares about. But the Olympic Games don’t seem to have the thrill and cachet I remember from my youth. I don’t think that is me getting old. There are over 400 channels of programming, the internet, YouTube, an so forth to entertain us. No one needs the thrill of these events. As far as entertainment viewing goes, Olympics are a relic of the pre-AOL days.

    • I think GTTF has this lack of interest nailed. When once every four years I got to see elite athletes dance on the ice, there was a thrill. (I am mostly interested in athletics involving pretty, claiming the girl card here). Now? Whatever.

      Of course the decades of “let’s insert lots of human interest angst into the coverage and NOT cover the less-popular countries” ruined a lot of it for me. If I want to watch skating, I want to watch everyone skate. I don’t want to listen to how hard they worked, just let me watch. This is a competition, not a soap opera.

      And oddly, once I’m no longer having to watch them at a set time, I don’t watch them at all….

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