Winter Olympics II

Weird experience at Church today: we are in Wanaka and the Olympic Opening Ceremony was being played. Because the Wells family — one injured Skier in the congregation and his parents — are flying out to Korea to support his younger brothers, who are all in the NZ Team.

Apparently our black uniform did not go down well with ESPN. But today the preacher discussed running the race aiming for a prize, being disciplined in your body, and look beyond what makes you comfortable to wear God wants you to be.

There isn’t much room to go wrong in winter wear, but Germany managed with the odd tan and green color palette. New Zealand was one of several countries to go all black, which at the Olympics just seems like a letdown. This is one case where black does not go with everything.

(Update: The cold temps Friday night temporarily gave me some brain freeze. As I was reminded by many fans, I should have known this was traditional New Zealand wear. Apologies, Kiwis!)

And it appears that a proportion of the New Life Church in Wanaka will be in Korea for the next couple of weeks.

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